Psyclone Events have been supporting and helping facilitate lifestyle, music and arts festivals around the globe since 2000.

Intent on sharing the passionate work of artists from across all mediums Psyclone Events has also sponsored and/or assisted events and festivals such as Freedom, Rainbow Serpent, Maitreya and Earthcore in Australia, and in other parts of the world at festivals such as Rhythms of Peace, Ozora and Boom Festival.

With a strong focus on the Total Solar Eclipse we have previously organized / collaborated some celestial events in Australia Outback 2002, Turkey 2006, Siberia 2008, Kirribati 2009, Cook Islands 2010, North Australia 2012, and Kenya/South Sudan in 2013.

Next March 20th 2015 Psyclone Events will be there to share the experience with a group of dedicated Eclipse Chasers!! (Please note this tour is sold out!!). If you are considering in joining our chasers for future eclipses join our newsletter for updates on upcoming events.

After a successful experience at Melbourne Leisurefest 2014 we are aiming to further expand our company at other similar events in the near future. Check out our event gallery for photos from Leisurefest.